The Worries of Having a Second Baby

You would have thought that, when you give birth for the second, third or maybe even fourth time, it would be a much calmer, prepared affair because you are a pro now - you've done it all before and if you could do it the first time you can do it again - right? 


Or at least for me that is.

I am expecting the arrival of my second child any day now and I am perhaps feeling even more nervous than I was the first time.
I'm nervous because, rather than being a tad oblivious and only being able to guess what labour will be like, I now know what to expect. Granted, I have been able to stock up on paracetamol so that I don't have to rely on a Lemsip to get me through the initial stages like I did the first time, but I am fully aware of the pain I am about to go through and the struggle to get myself back to feeling normal in the weeks after.

Of course, I am also getting excited for the new addition to our family and looking forward to seeing the bond between Bo and her new brother grow over the upcoming years. But so far, and rather ashamedly, I must admit the nerves have been overpowering the excitement.

What will it be like introducing a new baby to the family?

What if Bo feels pushed out by this new baby and doesn't feel as loved?

How do I make sure that both children are happy and well and spend time with my husband and keep the house looking half presentable and keep my career rolling?

What if this, plus the stress of going back to work in a few months time, edges me that bit closer to the oh so dreaded postpartum depression?

There are so many worries whirling round in my head at this moment in time that I felt I just had to get them down in writing. Which, after all, is the purpose of this blog - is it not?

So I am also going to apologise for this being such a downer of a post - I don't like to write negative posts, in fact I prefer to concentrate on the more positive things in life, but sometimes you just need to get it all out, write it all down and lay yourself bare.

Do you know what I mean?

Have any of you that have had more than one pregnancy found the same thing?

Protecting my children and internet security

A niggling worry in the back of my mind has meant that there haven't been many blog posts on the Me, Bee and Bo blog as of late. In fact, it has resulted in my Twitter account being closed down for a small period of time as well as the other social media outlets linked to this blog.

I have been worried about protecting the identity of my children, internet security and whether I am comfortable with the amount of information I have been sharing about my family on the internet. And, in line with what I have always said, the moment that you aren't quite comfortable with what you are sharing on the internet, you should stop. 

Which is what I did.

But I missed this blog, the memories and the community around it. I have put a lot of work in to this blog over the past couple of years and I missed the creative outlet. I even tried to start a new blog with the idea of keeping it completely anonymous but something inside me just didn't connect with it, so it didn't go far.

So, after a fair bit of "soul searching" and thinking about what I was actually comfortable with sharing - I'm back and so is the blog.

I'm not saying that that slightly niggling worry has gone away - it is definitely still there - but, instead of shutting everything down altogether, I am going to be taking steps to ensure that my children's identity is kept safe whether that is by restricting the types of images that will be posted on the blog, or by regularly ensuring there is no connection between this blog and our real names or address.

I know that it is going to be a juggling match between trying to protect my family and making sure that the blog content doesn't go stale and disconnected, but I feel that this is the best option at this time.

On a positive note, the Twitter account has been opened again and can be accessed here. Feel free to visit and send me a cheeky Tweet - it's a bit quiet starting a Twitter account from scratch!

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Home Wishlist - Cute, Quirky and a Little Crazy

I have been loving everything cute, quirky or just that little bit crazy over the past few weeks. If you follow my Twitter you will know that I have found myself a nice Lego phone case (and intend to start building things on the back of it at some point!) and I adore all things cat related.

So, during my explorations to find as many cute and quirky things to add to my home as possible, I thought I would put together a few of my favourites to show you all.

I don't know about you but this is the perfect planter for me. Because it waters itself. Yes, I admit it, I am terrible at watering plants and usually end up killing them off. So a self watering planter is exactly what I need in order to grace my house with the scent of lovely flowers whilst not having to remember to water them everyday! That and the panda is super cute!

I chose this one mainly with Bo in mind, as I don't actually know what else I would do with a hand puppet! I love the bright colours and his cute little face, and hand puppets are brilliant for interacting with children as you can react to what they do and make it seem like they are holding a real conversation.

I know the weather in the UK hasn't exactly been the glorious Summer that we have all been hoping for lately, but we are in prime holiday going time and I thought that this little sipper cup would be perfect to sip from whilst sitting by the pool (where we could actually spend some time outdoors without being rained on!). Either that or you could do what I plan to do and carry it around at home and dream of what those holidays could be like.

This cute, smiley cat plays right into my "cat lady" ways. I love his quirky little face and have the perfect little place lined up for him on my bedroom window sill.

Who doesn't love a doorstop? I love the range of soft animal doorstops that have been floating around recently and Eddie is a particularly cute one. I find that doorstops are a wonderful way of stopping Bo from messing with the doors in our house, as they are too heavy for her to lift!

Kittens and tea! Let me say that again... kittens and tea! I mean come on. Enough said.

I love the simplicity of this pillowcase set and the fact it looks really cute at the same time. Especially as we tend to end up with Bo in our bed when she's sleeping particularly badly and we about to be joined by another one, I think the family aspect of this really hit home for me.

Which is your favourite of the items above? Do you like having cute and quirky things around your house or do you feel they look a little tacky? What has been your favourite addition to your home over the past few months?

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The Results Are In...

The results are in, we have been for that all important 20 week scan and I am very happy to report that we are having...


That's right, Bo is going to have a little brother and I am going to have a son. I've got to admit, that sounds a little strange - I am so used to saying that I have a daughter now that a son is completely new to me!

So about the scan...

It was actually really special to be able to see every little body part of the baby, especially things like the face and his little feet, and seeing the spine on the monitor was fascinating. 

When we went for our second scan with Bo, we were left clueless half the time as the lady just quietly got on with her measurements, pausing at the end to tell us the gender. 

This time we had someone different and, as she went through each measurement, she told us what we were looking at and whether it was looking as it should. This made it all the more special for us, and we came away feeling like we had just had a thorough look at our child, rather than a bunch of identifiable static on the screen.

So now that we know the gender, it's about time we started properly thinking about names and digging out any of Bo's old sleep suits that aren't pink and frilly! And I think a trip to the shops to buy a new item or two just for him might be in hand!

For anyone out there who has had both a boy and a girl - did you find that there were any major differences between bringing up the two when they were very little? We are now, once again, stepping in to the unknown and I will be doing as much research as I can before he arrives!

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20 Week Pregnancy Update - Second Pregnancy

It's official - we have hit 20 weeks and are half way through this pregnancy! I cannot believe how quickly it is going. In fact, it's a little bit scary knowing that the mini one will arrive so soon!

Next week we get the second scan and, hopefully, get to find out the gender of this little one (I think it's a boy!) so I will be updating you on all of that early next week. 

I am so excited about this scan, and a little nervous! I feel like everything has been on hold so far with regards to this little one, as we don't know whether we will need to buy new clothes for them or whether we will be able to kit them out with Bo's clothes from when she was very little and we haven't really considered names at all!

Symptoms: Now I am well in to the second trimester, all sickness and nausea has disappeared and I am also feeling quite energetic! The main symptoms this week are round ligament pains when I get up or move too suddenly, needing the toilet all of the time and a slight aching feeling in my hips - particularly when I have been lying down on my side at night. Throughout my last pregnancy, I really struggled with pain in my hips when lying down so, whilst I am fully expecting this to happen again, I am hoping it will hold off for just that little bit longer. My raging appetite has actually decreased, which I did not expect, though I am still eating regular snacks to keep me topped up throughout the day.

Baby's Size: Baby is now the size of a small banana - or a paper airplane, depending on what app you use! My bump is just getting big enough to fit into maternity clothes and also to make it incredibly difficult for me to find any clothes that I like or don't make me look like a frump when I try them on.

Stretch Marks: So far I have held off any additional stretch marks and am applying Bio Oil as and when I can remember it. Last time I didn't apply anything and stretch marks only made their dreaded appearance in the very last part of my pregnancy. However, I am trying to make sure I apply something, at least after a bath or a shower, to try and put off the inevitable arrival of any new ones for as long as possible.

Sleep: Unsurprisingly, bump baby is not the one that is keeping me awake at the moment - it's Bo. However, I am having some discomfort in my hips when lying on my side, as I mentioned before, so when I do get some sleep it can make it a little more difficult to drop off.

Cravings: I haven't really been having any cravings over these past few weeks - my need for Aeros and cheese has gone away and I am actually finding myself just eating for the necessity of it, rather than any enjoyment - which, as someone who loves her food, is quite unusual for me!

Looking Forward to: As I mentioned before, I am really looking forward to the second scan next week and finding out the gender of our new addition.

As I mentioned in my previous update, we are still looking for ideas for names - currently both male and female! Do you have any suggestions?

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Guess What?!

That's right, we are going to have another bundle of poo, sick and giggles join us by the end of the year and Bo is going to be a big sister!

I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and am starting to get super excited, especially now that I can feel the odd kick here and there (well, flutter) and the date that we find out the gender is edging closer and closer.

The First Trimester
During the first trimester of my pregnancy with Bo, I must admit I didn't suffer with many symptoms at all - just a lack of energy and a slight aversion to food. 

However, whilst it hasn't been bad at all this time round, I did find that my symptoms during the first trimester were stronger in this pregnancy - suffering from very slight nausea throughout the day, extreme tiredness (but Bo might have contributed to that) and horrible mood swings that I really admire my family's ability to cope with. I haven't had any particular food aversions or cravings as of yet, perhaps going off salmon a little bit but that was all.

I also found that the round ligament pains returned almost immediately during the early weeks, having felt them at just five weeks - the day before I found out I was pregnant. These then seemed to fade away and then returned for the last couple of weeks of the trimester.

The Second Trimester
I am only a few weeks into my second trimester now and the difference is noticeable. I have lots more energy and the nausea has mostly gone away - only returning if I am hungry. My appetite is still huge and I am starting to crave a lot of cheese and mint Aeros (that could just be because they are yummy though!). 

The round ligament pains are still there, meaning I am having to take things a bit slower especially when carrying Bo around and my mood swings are also making an appearance now and again, although not as badly as before.

I think the biggest difference between this second trimester and my second trimester when I was pregnant with Bo is that I feel huge in comparison. The maternity clothes are out, although I am not yet big enough for my maternity trousers so am having to resort to hairbands around my trouser buttons and belly bands. In my first pregnancy, I wasn't even showing until roughly 20 weeks so this is a huge difference for me.

This was me at 15 weeks (two weeks ago) and you can see me at 15 weeks in this post here. Please excuse the dirty mirror!

During my last pregnancy I did a few updates here and there as things progressed so I think I will do something similar for this one. I am really looking forward to finding out the gender of this little one and will have to start thinking up names as, at the moment, we have no idea!

Do you have any suggestions for names for either gender? I'd love to hear them.

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